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2006 stealth video game developed by IO Interactive

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    Windows 2000 / Windows XP

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    7.5 (1328)

As a series of video games matures, they tend to become technically more savvy, but the story lines often become mundane. Software developer Lo Interactive has avoided that problem by providing a strong effort in both aspects on Hitman - Blood Money. This is a quality third person shooter game done with style and charisma. In fact, the Hitman series may be one of the best sequences of games in this particular genre.

The gamer is reunited with the hit-man known simply as 47. Hit-man 47 is prepared to handle any task at hand as he makes his way through 12 different level on the way to a surprise conclusion. As should be expected, each level requires 47 to negotiate his way through an assorted group of bodyguards and thugs to kill the primary target. At his disposal, the gamer can carefully plan the killing using a gun, poison, explosives, knife, or even strangulation. In fact, the game is best played by using careful planning procedures instead of just running around shooting all the bad guys, which is an option also available. However, the choice to run and shoot plays right into the hands of the bad guys.

The graphics on this game are spectacular. The twelve levels take place in different locations throughout the U.S. The gamer will be taken through stylish and well designed representations of New Orleans during Mardi Gras or a casino in Las Vegas. As 47 changes his identity through the use of disguises, the gamer is treated to more visual tricks. The game controller and keyboard functions required for the PC version are fairly straightforward. Gamers will enjoy the great sound effects and character voices that seem befitting of the game. As was the case with prior games in the series, this game's soundtrack is outstanding.

These are all the things that make Blood Money, as well as the other Hitman games, so popular. This game has a solid story line, great characters, realistically designed graphics, quality sound effects and non-stop gaming action. Blood Money is compatible with all versions of Microsoft's operating systems.


  • Stealth Capabilities - It is fun for the gamer to move 47 around behind the scenes in stealth mode.
  • Planning - Strategy becomes a much more relevant part of the game when the player chooses to proceed with caution as opposed to the shootout method of playing. In some cases, the player can get through all the thugs without killing anyone if they proceed with great caution and planning.
  • Style - The game has a great deal of style. The settings are done with cutting edge graphics and the sound is a perfect match for the setting.


  • Violence - This game is not suitable for children. The action tends to get very violent and the language is not always appropriate.
  • Money - While conquering each level earns money that can be used to buy better weapons, efficient players will have no use for the money if they do things right.

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